Seattle Piano Moving is made up of three lifelong friends fortunate enough to operate a business together.
With backgrounds ranging from piano restoration, Masters Degrees in audio engineering, performing with bands that tour the United States, and of course piano moving, each of our members bring something unique to the team . In our years working with each other we have refined a process with one another.

A photo of three members of the seattle piano moving team in front of a black bosendorfer grand piano and surrounded by several other grand pianos in a showroom

Our approach to piano moving is comparable to how an art handler approaches a valuable painting. With twelve thousand individual parts and a fragile exterior, pianos are complex instruments that require a great deal of experience and the highest attention to detail to transport. We apply a practical, thoughtful and methodical formula that gets the piano from point “A” to point “B” seamlessly. Beyond the piano, we make a point to treat every client’s home with great consideration and care which includes investing in the best tooling and protective moving equipment available to ensure the best results. We understand that every piano we work with has both sentimental and financial value to our customers, and we work diligently to ensure our service reflects that. Above all, we love the work that we do and hold a great respect for our craft.