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Seattle Piano Moving is thrilled to have the opportunity to serve Seattle and Western Washington with excellence in piano moving, tuning, storage and service.

Our approach to piano moving is comparable to how an art handler approaches a valuable painting. With twelve thousand individual parts and a fragile exterior, pianos are complex instruments that require a great deal of experience and the highest attention to detail to transport. We apply a practical, thoughtful and methodical formula that gets the piano from point “A” to point “B” seamlessly. Beyond the piano, we make a point to treat every client’s home with great consideration and care which includes investing in the best tooling and protective moving equipment available to ensure the best results. We understand that every piano we work with has both sentimental and financial value to our customers, and we work diligently to ensure our service reflects that. Above all, we love the work that we do and hold a great respect for our craft. We look forward to serving you with excellence. 

Our professionally trained team handles every piano move with dedication and integrity. We allot the time necessary to ensure your piano will be transported with the upmost care.

Piano Tuning & Service

We partner with highly regarded piano tuners and technicians from all around the pacific northwest. From annual piano tunings to full rebuilds, our partners specialize in every facet of piano maintenance and restoration. 

Seattle Piano Moving is made up of three lifelong friends fortunate enough to operate a business together. We come from backgrounds in piano restoration, audio engineering, strength training and, of course, piano moving.

Seattle Piano Moving is a piano moving company founded by seasoned piano movers and piano technicians. We have spent years in the industry honing our craft to deliver the highest standard of service possible. Our piano moving staff have a profound love for what they do. 
We look at pianos as much more than a pieces of furniture or just general household items. We see them as the remarkable instruments that they are. Whether we’re delivering a $200,000 Bosendorfer from the showroom of our partners Classic Pianos Bellevue, or moving a heirloom upright from one families home to another, we treat every piano move with a great deal of care and consideration. We allot the time necessary for every piano move so we are able to dedicate our full undivided attention to the task at hand.  

“Every piano moving job we come across brings a unique opportunity and a personal challenge to deliver perfection.”
Co-Owner & Head Mover Matthew Flynn

Proud Piano Mover For:

“We are thrilled to work with Seattle Piano Moving to deliver our pianos to our customers. Their piano movers are highly skilled, courteous, and have a dedication to their work that is unparalleled in the industry. We highly recommend them for any piano moving service.”
-Classic Pianos Seattle

“I’ve known Aaron for years and am beyond excited to be partnering with him and Seattle Piano Movers.  We both share an affinity for quality and providing our customers with the very best service.  We love how friendly, professional, and honest the Seattle Moving Company is and know that our customers will receive the very best care for their piano!”
-David Hayes, Artisan Piano Servicers Owner