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We offer piano storage too!

Seattle Piano Moving offers piano storage!
Our climate controlled warehouse can provide a safe place for your piano and we are happy to accommodate long and short term stays.
Upon arrival to our warehouse, your piano will be professionally wrapped in our top of the line professional grade moving blankets.
We are happy to house your piano as long as necessary, and will be ready when you are to return your beloved instrument.

Upright Pianos : $100 per month
Digital Pianos: $100 per month
Grand Pianos: $125 per month
Please call for availability
(206) 719-1309

Why should you store with us?
Not only is our storage facility climate controlled, it is also humidity controlled!
Keeping a piano in a stable humidity level is key in protecting the soundboard and all around sustainability of the instrument.
While in storage, or in the home for that matter humidity can change dramatically with the seasons especially indoors when heating / air conditioning kicks in. With our in room humidifiers, we keep a constant %45 humidity level. This keeps soundboards from expanding and contracting, and keys from swelling around key pins. Above the general environment in which we keep our pianos stored, we have invested heavily in piano storage equipment. This means your piano will have the adequate amount of moving pads, straps, and other proprietary piano moving equipment dedicated to your piano for its entire stay. This means your piano, and it’s finish will be very well protected among the pianos surrounding it.
We take the care of your piano very seriously, and will provide it with all of the amenities possible to insure a safe stay.