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Should you tune your piano after it is moved?

The short answer is YES!
It may seem that just the simple act moving a piano is what would cause the instrument to go out of tune. This however is just part of the equation. When moved from one location to another even the slightest change in relative humidity will cause the pianos soundboard to swell and contract. This changes the tension of the strings and effectively puts the piano out of tune. After a delivery, the piano will proceed to “settle in” over the course of two weeks before the wood components in the piano become stable enough for a tuning.

Seattle Piano Moving is proud to work exclusively with Artisan Piano Services to provide our customers with exceptional piano tuning, repair, and restoration services.

Quality you can count on.

Artisan Piano Services is made up of a team of talented set of individuals dedicated to the craft of piano tuning, service, and restoration. Their level of customer service and quality work is backed by their “Peace Of Mind Guarantee”

Piano Tuning

Each member of the Artisan team has years of experience in the skilled art of piano tuning. From top tier grand pianos to entry level uprights, Artisan Piano Services is able to service all makes and styles of pianos.

Service & Restoration

The piano is an very intricate instrument, with hundreds of moving parts. It’s essential that all of these parts are working in harmony with one another. Servicing your pianos keyboard and action can transform a sluggish playing instrument back to feeling like new.